Wheel of Chance

Bring the heart-pounding excitement of real-life casino action to your next event with Viva Las Vegas! Of course, there isn't real gambling involved. Your guests play for fun with no money.

The Games

Black JackBlackJack

Blackjack is the world's most popular casino game, and it is ours as well! In Blackjack the player competes against the dealer. The goal is for the player's hand (cards) to total higher than the dealer's hand without going over 21.

Your guest will play in style on our lush padded tables (6 ft) which can accommodate up to seven players at one time.

We deal double-deck Blackjack using liberal Las Vegas rules. With our trained dealers at the table, both novices and pros alike will feel right at home.


Viva Las Vegas! Casino Games offers several variations of poker for your gaming enjoyment. Poker, especially Texas Hold'em, has taken the world by storm. Although Poker is played by many people as a fun, home game, it's probably one of the few "true skill" games in Vegas. Add a poker table to your casino party or have a complete World Series of Poker-style Hold'em Tournament. Either way, your guests will be donning their best poker faces as they face off against each other in this new favourite past time.


When you hear a group of people cheering in a casino, chances are they're all standing around a craps table. This exciting, fast-paced game of dice can look intimidating to the new player, but five minutes with our dealers and you'll be rolling those dice, making bets, and enjoying all the action. This classic casino dice game offers more betting options than just about any other game. Essentially, however, you are simply betting on the result of a given roll of the dice.

We offer both 6 ft and 12 ft long tables, each finely crafted for beauty and comfort. For the convenience of your guests, each of the player positions is cushioned and has a custom wood tray to hold player's chips and drinks.

Will the "shooter" be a hero? Time will tell. Either way, Craps is always fast, fun and entertaining.


Roulette originated in France over three hundred years ago. It is a fun and easy game to play and offers a wide variety of payoff odds. We offer two sizes of Roultette tables.

Roulette is played by placing casino chips on numbers, combinations of numbers, or colours on a grid-like layout. This is your bet. The dealer then spins a small ball on a wheel with 38 numbers. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball eventually drops in to a slot, selecting a number and color. The object of Roulette is to predict the slot the ball will land in. This exciting game is a staple in Las Vegas casinos.

Wheel of ChanceWheels of Chance

Our wheels of chance, including "Crown and Anchor" are entertaining accessories to any party. Try to guess which symbol the spoke of the wheel will land on and you win!

All of the professional accessories needed to play these games are provided (including a set of clay chips, cards, dealer shoes, buttons, dice, etc.) and are included in the rental price.

Rules for all the Games