Frequently Asked Questions

Are casino parties legal?

The most common question people ask when they hear about casino parties is, "Is this legal?"

The answer is YES. What makes it legal is that in spite of the appearance of a casino, there is no actual gambling going on. It's all make-believe, pretend, fantasy gambling. You can bet as much as you want, lose as much as you want and win as much as you want, and you walk away with the same amount of money you started with. That's because only play money is used, usually in the form of chips, that have no real monetary value. And even though most people will play the games just for the fun of playing (or the education and experience they can gain), sometimes it makes the whole event more exciting if there is something to shoot for a reward for being "number one." That's why most casino parties provide one or more non-cash prizes for the guests that earn the highest winnings (or chips) by the end of the event. Prizes can be as simple as a plaque, trophy, or lunch at a restaurant and can be as elaborate as a vacation. Guests can be any age to play.

How does a casino party work?

The term "Casino Party" is used to describe an event, where people come together to play games commonly found in casinos in Las Vegas, but do not actually wager money or other things of value. A casino party may be held for any number of reasons. At the event, your guests arrive to find a variety of casino games available for their amusement. They are usually given a fixed amount of play money or a voucher which they then take to their favorite game table in exchange for chips. During the course of the evening, your guests will enjoy trying to win as much (or lose as much) as they can, all the while having a blast. At the end of the evening, the guests turn in their chips for raffle tickets. Prizes can be raffled off or an auction can be held and guests can bid on prizes with their raffle tickets.

How long can my guests gamble for?

We include 3 hours of playing time in our standard fees for equipment and dealers. This is usually more than adequate, especially if your event has other activities. We will work with you to determine the best schedule for the casino portion of your event. Additional time may be added if planned prior to the event

How many gaming tables will I need for my event?

The number of gaming tables you may need for your event is based on the number of people you expect to attend. Depending on what other activities you have planned will depend on how many tables you need. As a general rule you will need player positions for between 50–75% of your total guest count. If the casino games are the main event of the evening, this percentage increases to between 75–95%. Each of our regulation blackjack tables can accommodate up to seven players at one time. Our poker tables can accommodate nine players, our large craps table can accommodate up to sixteen people at one time, our small craps table can accommodate up to 8 people at a time. Finally, each of our roulette tables can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people at one time.

How are your dealers trained?

Each of our staff goes through our own casino school before becoming a certified dealer for Viva Las Vegas Casino Games. Our approach is to take friendly outgoing people and train them in the art of dealling.

Do we need to tip the dealers?

Tipping our dealers is not expected. If you feel someone goes above and beyond, you may feel free to tip them at your discretion.

When do you deliver, set up, breakdown and remove your equipment?

We will work with you and the venue to determine the best time to setup. We advise delivery and setup well before the start of your event so it's all ready when your guests arrive. We remove our equipment when your event has concluded.

What areas do you serve?

Currently we serve London, Ontario, and surrounding areas in Southwestern Ontario.